Turning Ideas into Business Butterflies

Inspiring the Next Generation
07 Jun 2019   |   by Elliot Evans   |   News
Turning ideas into Business Butterflies

Team HQ out to help the next generation of Business Leaders through their work alongside Primary Futures

BLACKPOOL, LANCS - Reseach has shown that inspiring children about what career opportunities are open to them before they reach High School can have a much deeper impact on the child as opposed to giving the same level of inspiration to a child before they make their exam choices.

From this research, the Primary Futures initiative was formed as part of the Inspiring the Future project, this initiative was created to bring in volunteers from a range of different career paths and who lived or worked in the surrounding area, in a bid to inspire Primary School children to the possibilities available to them from working hard in school and potentially moving into higher education and becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

On receipt of an invitation, Team HQ sent their CCO Elliot Evans to Saint John Vianney's Primary School in Blackpool to take part in their 'What's my line' event, before the event began the participants were asked to provide a prop to help the children guess what his job may be, fortunately, Elliot managed to borrow a butterfly soft toy to explain how Team HQ took ideas much like caterpillars and through an incubation process they were able to turn them into beautiful businesses (butterflies), which went down well with both the children and staff.

After the Q&A portion was over, Elliot was introduced to 5 groups over 20 children to talk more about his role and Team HQ, with Primary Futures' Blackpool Co-ordinator commenting that she had been approached by a child extremely excited that his car showroom business was not only possible, he had planned on how to get started and knew where to go when he was ready from the short talk Elliot had with his group.

After the event, Team HQ signed onto the Inspiring the Future's website in order to visit more schools in the area and help inspire the next generation of children to turn their dreams into their own beautiful butterflies in the future.

For more on the Inspiring the Future project please click here - https://www.inspiringthefuture.org/ 

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